Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I’m a Singaporean residing in the sunny island of Singapore. I’ll post what I like, e.g. football, YouTube videos, web development, thoughts, and more! One of the reasons I opened this blog is because I want to note down things I did at this age (since 17) and view them later in the future.

I’m currently studying in Nanyang Polytechnic. I’m learning web development, photography and film-making on my free time. I’ve only started working on HTML/CSS at the start of 2010. I was also from the National Wushu Federation Youth Team Singapore.

I’m a football fanatic! I support non other than the great Manchester United! Glory, glory, Man United! My favorite player (during that era when I started supporting them) is David Beckham!

This was last edited in April 2012. Visit my website.