A year since my last post on WordPress, I felt that I needed to try other blogging platforms.

This blog will be defunct as of today. Visit my website. Read my tweets.


2012 is Here!

It’s 2012. Time flies. I’m not too sure what resolutions or goals should I set for the new year. Previously, I tried to do the Post a Week challenge by WordPress and failed. Not because I don’t have the time to blog, but I can’t get myself to write more often.


Not much memories or achievements in 2011. Attended a few concerts, and ultimately got to photograph one of the concerts. I turned 18, yes. And other than the concerts I have attended, I don’t really remember any significant events that happened in 2011 (other than natural disasters worldwide, and the death of Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie).

Always Learning

I got more interested in filmmaking after I was tasked by one of my friends to help him film a short dance video. It was a great experience. After helping to film that short dance video, I decided to learn more about producing videos, editing videos, and more!

And yes, I picked up German as an elective in 2011. It was fun and interesting. “Guten morgen!” (Good morning in German)


Overall, I’m disappointed with myself in 2011. I intend to blog more often and try to express my views in various stuff this year (yes, it’s 2012 already).

Hope that 2012 will be a better year for me, and everyone else out there! Happy New Year!

Revert back to old Facebook photo viewer

I came across this article How To: Go back to the old method of browsing photos on facebook and thought of sharing another method, which also can be found if you have Google-d your queries.

In Aaron‘s article, there are four different ways to revert back to Facebook’s old photo viewer:

  • Hit the refresh button
  • Remove “&theater” from the URL
  • Open photos in a new tab
  • Plugins

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What a tiring day. So after my Java practical test, I went home. Supposed to meet up with my friend to hit the gym but since he was leaving first, I skipped the idea of going to the gym. I planned to go for a jog (about 4~6 rounds) in the stadium but the weather turned bad so I waited. In the end, I went to the void deck to play some football, by myself.
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