A Cell Phone Ad, with Wood

A commercial for a Japan cell phone – Touch Wood SH-08C. With a very cool and awesome concept, a ball rolls down hill on blocks of wood, creating a familiar tune. Watch on to find out more!

[via planet5d]


Revert back to old Facebook photo viewer

I came across this article How To: Go back to the old method of browsing photos on facebook and thought of sharing another method, which also can be found if you have Google-d your queries.

In Aaron‘s article, there are four different ways to revert back to Facebook’s old photo viewer:

  • Hit the refresh button
  • Remove “&theater” from the URL
  • Open photos in a new tab
  • Plugins

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What a tiring day. So after my Java practical test, I went home. Supposed to meet up with my friend to hit the gym but since he was leaving first, I skipped the idea of going to the gym. I planned to go for a jog (about 4~6 rounds) in the stadium but the weather turned bad so I waited. In the end, I went to the void deck to play some football, by myself.
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