happy new year

2012 is Here!

It’s 2012. Time flies. I’m not too sure what resolutions or goals should I set for the new year. Previously, I tried to do the Post a Week challenge by WordPress and failed. Not because I don’t have the time to blog, but I can’t get myself to write more often.


Not much memories or achievements in 2011. Attended a few concerts, and ultimately got to photograph one of the concerts. I turned 18, yes. And other than the concerts I have attended, I don’t really remember any significant events that happened in 2011 (other than natural disasters worldwide, and the death of Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie).

Always Learning

I got more interested in filmmaking after I was tasked by one of my friends to help him film a short dance video. It was a great experience. After helping to film that short dance video, I decided to learn more about producing videos, editing videos, and more!

And yes, I picked up German as an elective in 2011. It was fun and interesting. “Guten morgen!” (Good morning in German)


Overall, I’m disappointed with myself in 2011. I intend to blog more often and try to express my views in various stuff this year (yes, it’s 2012 already).

Hope that 2012 will be a better year for me, and everyone else out there! Happy New Year!